When it comes to industrial flooring, the selection process is crucial. The floor not only needs to withstand the daily operations of your business but also contributes to its visual appeal. One of the most viable options available today is urethane flooring, a versatile and robust solution that can cater to a wide range of applications.


What is Urethane Flooring?

Urethane flooring systems are a type of polymer that resurface concrete floors, adding color and design elements while offering robust protection against a variety of destructive factors. These flooring systems are resistant to chemicals, abrasion, slips, and heavy impacts​1​.

Available in various options, urethane flooring presents different advantages. Aliphatic urethane offers UV resistance, whereas aromatic urethane, which is less expensive, may discolor under UV light. Cementitious urethanes provide excellent thermal shock and organic resistance properties. Despite the slightly higher upfront cost, the durability and longevity of urethane flooring make it a cost-effective solution in the long run​.


Urethane Flooring: A Sustainable Choice

A key advantage of urethane flooring is its sustainability. Poured-in-place urethane floors are part of the building’s structure, meaning they don’t end up in landfills when a change is needed. Certain urethane flooring formulations even utilize rapidly renewable, recycled resources and materials, making it an eco-friendly option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint​​.


The Lifespan of Urethane Flooring

With proper cleaning procedures, maintenance, and occasional touch-ups, urethane floors can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. Thanks to their resistance to thermal shock and better resistance to organics, urethane floors often outlast epoxy floors, particularly in food and beverage environments. Thus, investing in urethane flooring can be a sound decision with long life-cycle savings​1​.


Where Can Urethane Flooring Be Installed?

Urethane flooring is suitable for both industrial and commercial spaces, and its diverse benefits cater to a range of environments. From food and beverage manufacturing facilities, healthcare spaces, and commercial kitchens to hospitality locations, educational spaces, and retail stores, urethane flooring can provide a versatile and durable solution​.


Why Choose Urethane Flooring Over Epoxy Flooring?

While epoxy floors are known for their hardness, urethane floors offer a higher level of flexibility, providing better scratch and wear resistance. This flexibility also influences sound and comfort, making urethane flooring a preferred choice for spaces that require a balance of functionality and comfort. Moreover, urethane floors can withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and temperature changes, making them suitable for areas where high-temperature washdowns, cold storage, and outdoor fluctuations are prevalent​.


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