Which adhesive should I use for AmeriCove cove base installation?

We recommend using BOSS-535 to attach the cove base to the wall and NP125 Clear Sealant for sealing the seams between cove base pieces. To save time, consider using our adhesive application nozzle, which allows for a smooth, continuous adhesive application on the entire cove base piece in one fluid motion.

Can I use other adhesives for AmeriCove cove base?
Yes, other adhesives can be used, but we highly recommend BOSS535 and NP125 for the best results with your epoxy flooring and cove base applications.
What are the available sizes for AmeriCove cove base?

AmeriCove cove base is available in the following sizes:

1″ AmeriCove Base (48in long per piece)

4″ AmeriCove Base (48in long per piece)

4″ Inside Corners

4″ Outside Corners

6″ AmeriCove Base (48in long per piece)

6″ Inside Corners

6″ Outside Corners

Can I create my own custom corners for AmeriCove cove base?
Yes, AmeriCove can be easily customized to fit any corner. A miter saw is the ideal tool for cutting your custom AmeriCove corners.
What color is AmeriCove cove base?
AmeriCove cove base for epoxy and cementitious floors comes in a neutral color. It is designed to accept any paint, stain, or coating system and is compatible with all types of coating systems.
Does AmeriCove cove base come pre-coated or decorated?
No, but we can discuss your project requirements and provide additional services for preparing your cove base prior to shipping. Contact us at (336)706-6775 or email [email protected] for more information.
What should I keep in mind when installing AmeriCove cove base?
Ensure your cove base is clean of dust or debris before applying your coating. Just as the floor needs preparation before coating, your AmeriCove cove base should also be clean. Wipe it down gently with denatured alcohol or xylene and a cloth to remove any dust or debris.
How soon will my order ship once placed?
Orders received by 12 pm will be shipped the same day. Otherwise, they will be shipped the next day. To place an order, email [email protected].
Do you offer sample pieces of AmeriCove cove base?
Yes, contact us at (336)706-6775 or email [email protected] to request your desired sample size(s).
Does AmeriCove have distributors for cove base and epoxy flooring products?

Yes, AmeriCote has distributors nationwide. Contact us to find a distributor near you.