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Featured Product – AmeriCove

Now Introducing the AmeriCove System

AmeriCove is a superiorly designed polyurethane blend precast cove base used in the resinous flooring industry. AmeriCove is proving to be stellar and will save installers time, money, & energy. It’s more efficient & consistent than traditional trowel down & other precast systems on the market.

Key Features

Works with any paint, stain, or coating system
Non-toxic, non-shrink, and does not rot or deteriorate
200% Elongation – extremely flexible

Why Choose AmeriCove?

  • Consistent sizing
  • Works with any paint, stain, or coating system
  • Non-toxic, Non-shrink, Does not rot or deteriorate
  • Does not require specific adhesives or installation temps
  • Closed cell structure – provides protection from solvents
  • Hydrophobic, perfect for indoors & outdoors
  • Impact resistant
  • 100% solids – No VOCs
  • Time efficient & installer friendly

Who We Are

At AmeriCote, we lead with innovative products backed by a solid commitment to our customers. Bringing you an unmatched customer service experience alongside our quality assured products.

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We provide industrial flooring supplies to dealers and contractors. We believe it is important to adapt and evolve. Our focus is to bring you improved products that make your installation process easier and more efficient resulting in a quality, professional finish.


AmeriCote is excited to partner with you and deliver new and improved industrial and commercial flooring/building supplies. Our motivation is seeing your company succeed using our revolutionized building products. We take great pride in nurturing our business partnerships to ensure their success.