Restrooms, locker rooms, and shower areas in commercial facilities require flooring solutions that are not only durable but also resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew. Enter epoxy floors and AmeriCove cove base – a dynamic duo that provides a seamless and hygienic surface while enhancing safety and durability.

AmeriCove: The Key to Sanitary Spaces

AmeriCove is more than just your average cove base. Crafted from a high-density polyurethane composite resin, AmeriCove boasts a closed-cell structure that offers supreme protection against solvents, making it almost completely hydrophobic. This means no rotting, swelling, or deterioration over time, whether indoors or outdoors.

What sets AmeriCove apart is its contribution to cleanliness and hygiene. The cove base design ensures that no crevices or gaps are left untouched, providing a seamless transition between the floor and the wall. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also prevents the buildup of dirt, grime, and bacteria which is prone to build up in restrooms and Locker rooms.

Enhancing Safety with Epoxy Floors

Complementing AmeriCove’s sanitary features, epoxy floors add an extra layer of safety to restroom and locker room environments. The 718 HB HG Epoxy is a high-build, high-gloss, 100% solids epoxy resin designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use while providing a non-slip surface for added safety.

Key Features of 718 HB HG Epoxy:

  • High Gloss Finish:

    With options for quartz, flake, or trowel rite broadcast into the surface, 718 HB HG Epoxy delivers a long-lasting finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space.

  • Chemical Resistance:

    The urethane binder imparts a high degree of chemical resistance, allowing the flooring system to be cleaned with strong acid or caustic cleaners without damage.

  • Easy Application:

    Available in pre-measured kits with a mix ratio of 2 Parts A to 1 Part B, 718 HB HG Epoxy is easy to mix and apply using standard application equipment.

  • Fast Cure Time:

    With a pot life of 18 minutes and a full cure time of 24 hours, 718 HB HG Epoxy minimizes downtime and ensures quick turnaround for busy commercial environments.

Hydrophobic Properties of AmeriCove and Epoxy Floors

AmeriCove and epoxy floors are renowned for their hydrophobic properties, making them ideal choices for environments prone to moisture exposure such as restrooms, locker rooms, and shower areas. These properties contribute to the overall hygiene, safety, and durability of these flooring solutions.

Americove Safety & Hygiene:

AmeriCove’s hydrophobic nature stems from its closed-cell structure and high-density polyurethane composite resin composition. This unique combination renders AmeriCove almost completely resistant to water absorption, preventing moisture from seeping into the material and creating breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Hygienic Benefits:

By repelling water, AmeriCove creates a seamless and hygienic surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike traditional cove bases that may harbor moisture and bacteria in crevices and gaps, AmeriCove ensures that no such areas exist, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting a healthier environment.

Epoxy Floors:

Epoxy floors exhibit similar hydrophobic properties, thanks to their high-gloss finish and chemical-resistant urethane binder. This non-porous surface prevents water from penetrating the flooring material, making it highly resistant to moisture-related damage and microbial growth.

Non-Slip Properties of Epoxy Floors:

While epoxy floors are inherently smooth, they can be customized with additives such as silica or aluminum oxide to enhance traction and create a non-slip surface. This is particularly crucial in areas like restrooms and locker rooms where water spills are common, as it reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls, enhancing overall safety.

Enhanced Safety:

By incorporating non-slip additives into the epoxy coating, facility managers can mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries, creating a safer environment for occupants. Additionally, the seamless nature of epoxy floors eliminates tripping hazards associated with uneven or deteriorating flooring materials, further enhancing safety.

Durability and Longevity:

Beyond their hydrophobic and hygienic properties, both AmeriCove and epoxy floors are prized for their durability and longevity. Resistant to cracking, chipping, and staining, these flooring solutions can withstand the demands of high-traffic commercial environments, ensuring years of reliable performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Incorporating Industrial Drains for Enhanced Functionality

In addition to epoxy floors and AmeriCove cove base, incorporating industrial drains into restroom and locker room designs can further enhance functionality and hygiene. Industrial drains are essential for effectively managing water and preventing the accumulation of moisture, which can lead to mold, mildew, and other sanitary issues. Explore how the AC-867-MGDR-O drain and the AC-867-MGDR-P drain from AmeriCote can elevate your facility’s drainage system.

AC-867-MGDR-O Drain: Optimized Performance

The AC-867-MGDR-O drain is designed for optimal performance in commercial environments. With its open grate design, this drain allows for efficient water drainage while preventing debris from clogging the system. Made from high-quality materials, the AC-867-MGDR-O drain is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

AC-867-MGDR-P Drain: Premium Performance

For facilities requiring a more robust drainage solution, the AC-867-MGDR-P drain offers premium performance and durability. Featuring a perforated design, this drain efficiently collects and drains water while preventing large debris from entering the system. Whether it’s heavy foot traffic or constant water exposure, the AC-867-MGDR-P drain is up to the task.


Creating sanitary and safe restroom and locker room environments in commercial facilities demands flooring solutions that prioritize cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. By seamlessly integrating AmeriCove cove base, epoxy floors, and industrial drains, facility managers can achieve spaces that not only meet but exceed these requirements. AmeriCove, epoxy floors, and industrial drains offer a comprehensive solution for commercial restroom and locker room spaces. By repelling water, promoting cleanliness, and enhancing safety, these integrated solutions not only meet but exceed the stringent demands of modern commercial environments, delivering unmatched performance and peace of mind.