If you’re contemplating a flooring project, you’ve likely asked yourself, “Should I use a non-slip additive for my epoxy flooring coating?” This question is essential, and the answer isn’t always the same—it depends on a variety of factors unique to your situation​.


Considering Your Climate and Conditions

First, it’s important to evaluate the location and conditions of your floor. Is it an indoor space or an outdoor one? If indoors, is it potentially exposed to the outdoors, such as with a large bay door or rollup? This consideration is paramount in commercial contexts, where varying environments often exist under one roof.


Exterior concrete or concrete that can be exposed to the exterior, such as in a garage, can become hazardous in icy or wet conditions caused by precipitation. This is particularly true if you’re in a snow-hardened climate up north. The seasonality of your region is a critical factor when considering non-slip epoxy flooring​.


Preventing Spills and Accidents

Even if your project is strictly indoors, don’t discount the possibility of spills. Routine spills can render an otherwise safe floor into a slippery hazard. For instance, in an auto mechanic shop, it’s commonplace to find motor oil or other liquids on the floor. An overly smooth concrete floor can lead to accidents, making non-slip epoxy flooring a crucial safety addition. This is especially true when equipment is used on a floor surface and could be vulnerable to shifting or falling​.


Ensuring Safety in High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic indoor concrete areas can also benefit from a non-skid additive. In areas where many people are moving through the building at any given time, a very smooth floor can be a risk. Even footwear with good traction can slip on a polished surface. While “wet floor” signs can help, a non-slip additive in your epoxy flooring is a more proactive and effective precaution​.


Americote: Your Partner for Safe and Durable Flooring

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Ready for a Safer Floor?

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