Step into the heart of stadiums and entertainment venues where AmeriCote’s 311 StarSeal SBA is transforming the game, literally. Explore how this innovative polyaspartic coating is making a significant impact on the flooring of these dynamic spaces, enhancing both aesthetics and durability.

The Stadium Challenge

Stadiums are bustling hubs of activity with constant foot traffic, events, and the wear and tear of enthusiastic crowds. Traditional flooring may struggle to keep up with the demands of these high-energy environments. This is where StarSeal SBA steps in to redefine the standards.

Key Applications

  1. Withstanding Heavy Foot Traffic

Stadiums witness an influx of fans, athletes, and event staff. The durability of 311 StarSeal SBA shines as it withstands the heavy foot traffic, maintaining its integrity even during the most intense moments of a game or event. The coating’s high tensile and flexural strength ensure that it remains resilient against the continuous movement and pressure.

  1. Enhancing Visual Appeal

Beyond durability, 311 StarSeal SBA adds a touch of glamour to stadium interiors. Its high gloss finish creates a visually appealing surface, contributing to the overall aesthetics of the venue. Whether it’s the concourse areas, VIP lounges, or entrance spaces, the coating transforms the stadium environment into a more polished and sophisticated setting.

  1. Rapid Transformation & Minimizing Downtime

One of the standout features of 311cStarSeal SBA is its rapid cure system. In the fast-paced world of stadium operations, minimizing downtime is crucial. The quick drying time allows for efficient transformations between events, ensuring that the stadium is ready for the next game or concert without unnecessary delays.

  1. Tailoring to Team Colors and Themes

Stadiums are often a canvas for team colors and themes. 311 StarSeal SBA’s versatility comes into play with the option to customize their floors to match team colors, creating a cohesive and spirited atmosphere that resonates with fans.

Elevate Your Stadium Floors with AmeriCove

Take your stadium’s visual appeal and durability to new heights by incorporating AmeriCote’s AmeriCove system. Seamlessly integrating with 311 StarSeal SBA, AmeriCove enhances structural integrity, offers customizable design options, and ensures quick, efficient installation. With added durability in high-impact areas, easy maintenance, and a sleek finish, AmeriCove is the key to elevating your stadium’s overall aesthetic and performance. Plus, its smooth surface promotes easy cleaning, contributing to a more hygienic environment. Transform your stadium floors into a winning combination of style, resilience, and hygiene with AmeriCote’s comprehensive flooring solutions.


In conclusion, AmeriCote’s 311 StarSeal SBA is a game-changer in stadium flooring, offering a winning combination of durability, visual appeal, and efficiency. As stadiums seek to create memorable experiences for fans and participants alike, the choice of flooring becomes integral to the overall ambiance. With 311 StarSeal SBA, stadiums can elevate their game, ensuring that every step taken on the coated surface is a step into a world where aesthetics and endurance coexist seamlessly. It’s not just a coating; it’s a transformative element that enhances the very essence of the stadium experience.