Are you looking for the best baseboard for epoxy floors? Look no further than AmeriCove! This high-quality coving base provides a strong foundation and an aesthetically pleasing finish to your epoxy floor.

AmeriCove is by AmeriCote and is the perfect solution for protecting epoxy floors from cracking and chipping. It is ideal for commercial, residential, or industrial applications.

It is easier to install than a hand-troweled coving, and you can expect a consistent result every time. With AmeriCove, you can be sure that your epoxy floor will be protected for years.

We provide industrial flooring supplies to dealers and contractors. Our company believes that it is essential to adapt and evolve. This is why we focus on bringing you improved products that make your installation processes easier and more efficient. This results in a high-quality, professional finish.


About AmeriCove

AmeriCove is made with a high-density polyurethane composite resin that is flexible but highly durable. Its closed-cell structure provides supreme protection from most solvents and renders it almost entirely hydrophobic (it will not rot).

In addition to its flexibility and superior longevity, AmeriCove offers superior performance compared to other cove products.


The Benefits of Using AmeriCove Baseboard for Epoxy Floors 

Using AmeriCove coving base for epoxy floors is the best option, as it has various benefits. Here’s a look at a few:

Pre-Cut Sizes 

AmeriCove baseboards come in pre-cut sizes which makes them easy to install and ready to use right out of the box. This saves considerable time during installation and ensures that the baseboards fit perfectly into any space.

Additionally, their simple design means there is no need for complex measuring or cutting – simply unpack and fit them together!

Save Time & Money 

Installing AmeriCove baseboards requires minimal effort compared to other methods, such as hand-troweling. This drastically reduces the time needed to complete any job while still ensuring high-quality results with each project.

Furthermore, because installation is so straightforward, it’s much more cost-effective than other solutions.

Better than Hand-Troweled Coving 

AmeriCove coving base for epoxy floors represents a significantly better option than hand-troweled coving when covering up cracked or damaged epoxy floors.

Its unique design helps keep cracks at bay while its pre-cut sizes guarantee an exact fit every time – something which cannot be said about most other solutions today. Additionally, since installation is easy and quick, you can expect reliable results with each job.

Consistent Results 

One thing that sets AmeriCove apart from other solutions is its ability to provide consistent results every time – regardless of the application or size of the job at hand!

Using these products on your epoxy floors ensures they will remain free from cracks and chips for many years.

More Sanitary Environment

Seamless flooring with a coving up the wall prevents dirt and debris collecting at the intersection of the wall and floor.


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AmeriCove is the best baseboard for epoxy floors!

We offer free consultations so we can work closely with our clients to achieve optimal results with each job! Don’t hesitate – if you’re looking for a reliable coving solution that offers unbeatable protection against cracking and chipping, look no further than AmeriCove.

In addition to AmeriCove, Americote offers the following products:

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