Laboratory Flooring Requirements:

Laboratory flooring demands a level of resilience that goes beyond the ordinary, considering constant foot traffic, potential spills, and exposure to various chemicals. The distinctive features of AmeriCove, a high-density polyurethane composite resin cove base make it the perfect choice for laboratory flooring systems, providing both chemical resistance ,durability ,and hygiene.

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The challenges of laboratory environments necessitate flooring solutions that can withstand the rigorous demands of scientific research. AmeriCove rises to this challenge with a composition that aligns seamlessly with the specific requirements of laboratory spaces.

Chemical Resistance

AmeriCove’s closed cell structure isn’t just about durability; it’s a fortress against chemicals commonly found in laboratories. This unique feature provides supreme protection from solvents,rendering AmeriCove almost completely hydrophobic. From corrosive acids to potentially damaging substances, AmeriCove ensures that your laboratory flooring remains unaffected and maintains its structural integrity in the face of chemical exposure

Americove cove products cove floors what are cove floors cove flooring solutions wall joint solutions what is epoxy epoxy flooring cove in labs laboratories lab floors

Hygienic Advantage

AmeriCove’s implementation in your floor system introduces a notable advantage by eliminating conventional 90-degree corners at the wall. Traditional corners can accumulate dirt, dust, and potentially harmful microorganisms, creating challenging areas to clean thoroughly. By removing these sharp angles, AmeriCove ensures a smooth, uninterrupted surface, simplifying the cleaning and sanitization process. This elimination of potential microbial harborage points minimizes the risk of contamination and supports a more hygienic laboratory environment.

Durability Beyond Expectations

Laboratories operate around the clock, and the flooring must withstand the test of time. AmeriCove’s longevity ensures that it won’t rot, swell, or deteriorate over time. This durability is essential for maintaining a safe and reliable environment for scientific research, offering peace of mind that your flooring investment will continue to perform at its best.


The Benefits of choosing Americove

Flexibility and Ease of Installation:

Despite its robust qualities, AmeriCove remains flexible and easy to work with. It can be cut, sanded, and shaped with standard woodworking equipment, ensuring a precise and tailored fit for laboratory spaces. Installing AmeriCove is a straightforward process. Starting with the corners and applying industrial adhesive, the cove base can be seamlessly integrated into the flooring system. Its installer-friendly nature ensures a hassle-free installation process.

In the realm of laboratory flooring, AmeriCove stands out as the ultimate choice, meeting and exceeding the specific requirements of scientific research environments. Its exceptional chemical resistance, non-slip surface, and overall durability make it an ideal solution for laboratories seeking a flooring system that prioritizes safety, longevity, and performance. Choose AmeriCove for a laboratory flooring solution that not only meets but surpasses the rigorous demands of scientific research, providing a stable and secure foundation for your work.